Deadline (1995-97)

Deadline started as a cover band when the members were all at school, but gradually became an original rock band based heavily on the almighty Guns ‘n’ Roses. Maybe Melbourne wasn’t ready for them; maybe Melbourne had been ready for them about 8 years prior and the mood had passed.
Whilst there were no albums released, Deadline recorded a large body of work due to Bill’s access to the SAE studio as a sound engineering student. The band:


Rob Meares (Vocals): Rob brought the B&S ethos to Deadline. Drink, sing, drink some more. Disappear when it came time to cart the drums down the stairs.

Bill and Stack

Bill Jones (Lead Guitar): Bill was the main songwriter in Deadline, and had an unhealthy devotion to Jimmy Page, to the point of owning a double-neck Gibson SG and replicating Jimmy’s guitar bowing technique on stage. Bill’s shearing shed was the rehearsal room for the band. Deadline unreservedly apologises to all those who may have been trying to sleep at 3am in Benalla in 1997. Bill, Sam, Rob and Stuart went on to form The Shame.

Slade at Midian

Andrew Slade (Rhythm Guitar): Andrew and his black Les Paul were always up against it trying to cope against Bill’s onslaught of lead shredding, but someone had to hold it all together and Andrew took to the task like a man.

Rob Lamont at Midian

Rob Lamont (Bass): The quiet man of the band, Rob could often be found playing behind a speaker or, infamously, under a palm tree. Never one to hog the limelight, he was secretly probably the most accomplished musician in the band.

Stuart Drums at Midian (Deadline)

Stuart Anderson
(Drums): Well that’s me, and there’s enough about me on this site.

Sam Hooper (Keyboards): Sam joined right at the end of Deadline’s time and segued beautifully in to The Shame when they formed a few months later. All photos of Sam in Deadline have been shredded by British American Tobacco.

The First Ever Deadline Gig At ‘Boots & All’
(When They Were Known As ‘Cougar’)

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