What In God's Name Is That Noise?


(The Music of Grover Jones And The Art Of Siegecraft)


"Skirt Length and Grammar" The final offering from Grover Jones was a 6-track EP, recorded by Idge at Soundpark. It has the raw rock and roll of 'No Time No More' and the jazz Odyssey of 'The Lunatic Barn.' What's more, it's got a duet with Luscious Lulu and even some trumpets

"Milling In The Thoroughfare"
The first 'proper' CD from Grover Jones, the album contains 9 very diverse tracks, from the garage rock of 'I Wanna be Your Other' to the the country twang of 'Take Care,' via the bluesy 'Numb With Love,' and the pretentious 'Terroriser Number 52.' 

"Solos Are More Important Than Ambiguity"
Seven dirty, fiery songs recorded on the cheap but sounding magical. With lyrical intrigue, musical ingenuity, naiveté and a bucketload of sweat, this is an album to take of your shirt and wallow in your own filth to. Grover Jones have been possessed by the spirit of rock and they are not afraid to let you know all about it.

"Live at 3MU"
The only electric recording of Grover Jones performing live. The session was recorded by Thomas Reynolds and the band was spurned on to the depths of depravity by a Japanese girl in the control booth who was going berserk.

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