Paul Baker: Guitars, Bass, Keys, Vocals

Stuart Anderson: Drums

Guests as required

In something of a departure from my usual raucous blend of offense and volume, I’ve gone ‘Pop!’ Songs202 is an attempt at writing deliberately audience-friendly music. We’ve also gone “e-” as most of our recording is done at home, me on e-drums and the guys on their computers. Vocal duties are shared between Paul & guest vocalists depending on what the songs require. As it says in our bio:

Songs202 compose original music for existing artists (male and female) specialising in pop, rock and country. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the 202 musicians have been collaborating for over 10 years and have written over 50 original tunes. Songs202 can be contacted initially at should you wish to purchase an existing song or have songs written to order. Thanks.

© Stuart Anderson 2013