The Euthymics

Euthymics @ CSQTC Conference Dinner

Simon Morgan: Vocals/Guitar/Harp

Karen Aarons: Vocals/Keys/Flute/Tinwhistle

Richard Hosking: Dobro/Guitar

Justin Coleman: Guitar/Vocals/Keys/Harp/Tinwhistle

Gerard Ingham / Bernard Shiu: Bass

Stuart Anderson: Drums/Kazoo


Wendy Zerk: Wind/Vocals/Teeth

The Euthymics are a smaller, South-Eastern-Australian-based band formed with members of Simon & The GPettes and GP The Musical.

The Euthymics

Hear their teaching by day and their music by night! Let The Euthymics rid you of any Saturday night dysthymia at our conference dinner. These five GP supervisors and educators regularly tour Australian GP conferences looking for a free feed, but we’re making them sing for their supper. Their entertaining brand of folk-pop-rock-indie-blues music regularly wows dinner crowds and featured in the smash hit GP the Musical (Melbourne Comedy Festival 2013).

Gerard Ingham (Daylesford, Vic) co-wrote a whole musical but The Euthymics make him stand in the corner and play bass. Talented singer Karen Aarons (Woodend, Vic) put both the GP and the music into GP the Musical, and for eight years Simon Morgan (Newcastle, NSW) has been the front-man for Simon and the GPettes, Australia’s largest (and hungriest) GP band. Stuart Anderson (Maffra, Vic) owns a drum kit, which gives him enduring popularity at academic events and A-league matches. Richard Hoksing (Alice Springs) owns the mythical guitar that goes up to 11 and Wendy Zerk, also from Alice, plays things that go toot and honk. Justin Coleman (Brisbane) is the instrumental jack-of-all-trades, so we urge you to come along and hear him master none of them.


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