3 Dog Night

I wrote these lyrics when I was in Papunya, NT, for a uni placement in 2000. Back then, and probably now, the staff had to be pretty wary of security and slept in a compound that could be locked if trouble broke out. The local wildlife didn’t respect this, and one night we had a herd of brumbies doing laps of our flat. The town was filled with packs of mangy dogs who had survived the recent feral dog cull. The local aboriginal culture was strong when I was there and there was a lot of ceremony and ritual in daily life.

Instrumentally, this track is my first foray in to drum loops and electronica, but I couldn’t resist some big-arse guitars for ‘balance.’ Nerdy music trivia: the percussive piano breaks were an accident - I accidentally pasted a drum loop on the piano track and it sounded good enough to leave there!

© Stuart Anderson 2019