Hometown Blues

Grover Jones And The Art Of Siegecraft
Music and Lyrics by Old Man Stuart

I really wrote this song with one thing in mind - trumpets! Too often, horn sections are either used in crap ska bands or wanky MOR saxophone solos. I wanted to bring the rock back. Grover Jones didn’t have a trumpet player, so the only time my vision was fulfilled was on the ‘Skirt Length’ recordings, when my friend Catherine made her rock debut. There are a hell of a lot of fast-paced lyrics for Necro’s nicotine stained lungs to cope with. The picture I had in my head when writing the lyrics was essentially the ‘No Quarter’ video from ‘The Song Remains The Same.’ Again, Barry Manifold’s solo stands out as a shining example of self-indulgent guitar wank. I love it!

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