My Reputation


I had a bit of an idea for a surf-guitar style song, zipped it off to Cage and it came back with all the usual Cage sparkle and shine, and some lyrics about your car not starting.

I also whacked in heaps of percussion.

Refuse to wake
Wicked slumber cold is the air
I try again 
But night has got her by the hand
So I rattle and shake, lookin’ for a sign of life

I keep her with silver and gold
And I don’t want  much in return  but she says no, no, no
Baby how to make you turn for me,
I say it sweetly but all I hear is noooooooooooo

It’s a cold heart that will not wake
And a nervous man that rattles and shakes
I’m running out of things to say 
But I’m hoping that you’ll show me a way to get you moving
I’m running out of things to say 
But I got a reputation and worry what people say

Cursing saying nothing I mean,
Deep reserves patience,
People gather round the scene in 

I can do it better do it right, an
To maybe meet me halfway
And over I say it sweetly 
But all I hear is noooooooooooo

© Stuart Anderson 2019