Oily Rag

The lyrics for this song are probably 10 years old. I wrote them for Grover Jones but never got around to writing some music to go with them. They fit with the nihilistic feel I seem to be generating in my recent efforts.

I like the build up in this song; it starts off sounding like it’s going to be a medieval ballad, then works its way up to a rocking finale. As all songs should.

We had a go at this with Songs202 to make it sound professional a few years ago with the consensus at the time being that it was beyond redemption. Version 1 is my solo recording. 

I started mucking about with samples of me hitting junk in my shed and creating virtual drum kits recently and used that to re-record the drums. Cage has given it a much rawer vibe and now I reckon it's a great song.

© Stuart Anderson 2019