Toots Sweet (2002)

Paradise: Vocals and Guitar

Niels Van Sparrentak: Lead Guitar

Paul Baker: Bass

Stuart Anderson: Drums

Toots Sweet was formed when song-writing duo Niels and Paradise recruited Paul to play bass in their ‘folk/blues influenced rock band.’ Paradise and Paul had met through their mutual Tasmanian friends. This was not too long after Grover Jones broke up, and I was floating about aimlessly looking for a drum stool to fill. Recruited with the mandate to ‘play quietly,’ Toots Sweet’s sound got a bit louder once I joined. The band played around Melbourne in 2002 before I buggered everything up in an ironic fashion by moving to Tasmania for a year.

Toots Sweet regrouped and changed their name to a much ‘rocker’ sounding Dead Betty, recruiting Steve on drums. When Paul left the band, the ubiquitous Sam Hooper was recruited to play keys and bass.

Toots Sweet didn’t put out any official albums, but managed to record a few live things here and there and made a demo with everyone’s favourite engineer, Idge, at Soundpark.

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