Pearl Session Drums Rebirth

I tried to sell my old kit and no one wanted it, so decided to rebuild it. This is a Pearl mid-90s Session Series kit. The shells had gone from bright white to nicotine yellow over the years, so it was time to change to White Marine Pearl. I’d always hated the 12x10 tom as it was too deep, so I cut it down to 12x8. The 22x16 kick drum was, again, just a bit big so I cut it back to 22x14 and added wood hoops and a shell mounted cymbal arm. The 14x12 tom needed a rewrap. To replace my 16” kick that I buily previously, I started with an 18x14 Keller Maple shells, wrapped it to match and added Pearl hardware.
I’d previously donated the 10” and 16” toms that were part of this kit, then I missed them, so I bought some second hand shells of the same size and wrapped them to match in a later project that I didn’t document.
This kit also used to have an 8” tom, which I sold and didn’t miss as I don’t think I ever used it!

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